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SAP Netweaver B1iSN for SAP Business One is an enterprise level integration tool, built for small and midsize companies. Netweaver allows for seamless integration to dozens of systems using pre-built integration frameworks. Whether it is an E-commerce website, parent company running R/3, or an old Access database, Netweaver can integrate it into SAP Business One. About Netweaver B1iSN SAP Business One integration for SAP NetWeaver (B1iSN) is the next generation solution for enabling SAP Business One to rapidly and easily integrate with components of the SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver. It's based on the SAP Business One Integration Technology, a state-of-the-art integration technology that complements the SAP Business One API offering (SDK) and solves message-based integration issues around SAP Business One. Out-of-the-box integration of SAP Business One to SAP ERP... (more)

SAP Business One Landed Cost Video

Here is a video on Landed Costs in SAP Business One.  The Landed Cost document allows you to associate shipping and freight costs with the cost of an item upon receipt into inventory. The Landed Cost document in SAP Business One is a straightforward and efficient way of allocating costs, especially for those small and mid-size companies still forced to do it in Excel. While this primarily applies to companies that import goods from overseas, landed costs can be used to allocate freight cost for any transaction. Check back soon for another post on allocating freight costs in a more simplified approach. Click Read More to watch this video in Full HD   read more ... (more)

SAP Business One on a Mac

I received a request to start a discussion about running SAP Business One on a Mac. Quite serendipitous, given that I use Business One every day on my Mac G5 with a 27" Cinema Display. It's okay to be jealous, I'm used to it. Needless to say, it is awesome. Orchestra even customizes the SAP B1 icon to be a Mac icon for B1. It bounces in the dock when launched and everything. How pretty. Click Read More to read the rest of the post... ... (more)

Finding the Flaws of the Whole, Not Just the Flaws of the Parts

The Visible and the Invisible in SAP It would seem like the last thing we need in SAP systems is more metrics. Automated solutions that investigate, monitor and track ERP systems are common, so why are major corporations increasingly employing automated metrics for SAP systems? Like all systems that span the enterprise, SAP systems suffer from the "six blind men and the elephant" problem - each man is able to envision his own part of the elephant, but putting together a picture of the whole animal is a problem. It is this "whole is greater than the sum of its parts" view that SAP developers need to get their arms around. In what has become an all too frequent post-customization scenario, SAP developers are called to fix a transaction performance problem. Usually they find that availability is great, there's nothing wrong with the code - no odd changes - but somehow ... (more)

SAP Certified IBM’s Cloud Platforms via a Hosted Delivery Model

"Clients looking to deploy SAP applications in the cloud can rely on IBM to help them manage, maintain and scale their solution requirements in a safe and secure cloud environment that allows for flexible services and lower operating costs," said Jim Comfort, IBM's vice president of Offering Management for its outsourcing business. "Running SAP applications on IBM's Cloud Platforms and services can help clients meet their business goals, explore new markets and drive growth." IBM on Thursday announced that SAP AG has certified its capabilities to deliver and manage clients' implementations of SAP applications via a hosted delivery model and IBM's Cloud Platforms. The certification enables IBM to provide enterprises around the world with hosted and cloud-based support of the entire SAP solution portfolio, including business software applications for customer relatio... (more)

Open Text's VP SAP Solutions Group Patrick Barnert

I am a big believer in the saying "content is king!"  So when I read recently that Open Text announced they were going to mobilize their enterprise content management products with a solution called Open Text Everywhere, I was intrigued but skeptical.  Open Text provides powerful enterprise content management solutions, the SAP Invoice Management solution, and collaboration and social networking tools for the enterprise, but now mobile solutions as well?  At Sapphire I was able to schedule a video interview with Open Text's VP SAP Solutions Group, Patrick Barnert.  One of the first questions I asked Patrick was, "Are you serious or just playing around with mobility?"  You can watch and hear his response here. I appreciate mobile applications that add value in unique and powerful ways.  The accounts payable processes in large enterprises is a very important area.  C... (more)

Linking Pulldown Attributes in NW IDM 7.1

One of the coolest things about NetWeaver Identity Manager is that there are always new tricks to learn. The development team keeps finding new and interesting ways to extend the functionality of the product. This, in turn, allows us to further extend what we can offer to our customers. Sometimes what I learn for a particular customer is brand-new, sometimes it's functionality that's been around for years, but either way, it's usually of use to someone, so I like to share when I can. Recently I was asked by a client how we could link two fields together so that for a given value chosen in the first field via a pull down box would result in a specific subset of values being available in the second pull-down. After a bit of research and some emailing I found that the use of the FIELD attribute prefix was the way to go. Here's how it all works: In your database, create a... (more)

Robert Courteau Named President of SAP North America

"Appointing a president of Bob Courteau's customer knowledge and broad global experience underscores our commitment to our customers in the region," said Enslin. "We look forward to continuing our strong momentum in North America, a key market for SAP and cornerstone of our ongoing global growth." SAP AG on Monday announced the appointment of Robert Courteau as president of its North America region. Courteau will report to Robert Enslin, who has been named to an expanded leadership role as president of Global Sales for SAP. The moves come with the restructuring of the company's Global Field Organization (GFO) (see "SAP Realigns Global Field Organization"). As president of SAP North America, Courteau is responsible for all of SAP's business operations in the U.S. and Canada, reporting to Enslin. Prior to this appointment, he served as chief operating officer (COO) for... (more)

What the S/4HANA 1709 Release Means for Your Migration | @CloudExpo @SAPInMemory #ERP #Cloud

SAP HANA was released as a work in progress. Tenants could leverage the increased speed of the HANA database immediately, but had to wait for the updated SAP S/4HANA applications to be released. Each release has allowed applications to more fully harness HANA, creating new, compelling reasons to migrate for a range of use cases. With the S/4HANA 1709 release, SAP has taken yet another step toward creating a complete product, with substantial benefits over Suite on HANA for most use cases. As with any ERP software, there will be future improvements and innovations, but at this point upgrading to S/4 is a worthwhile investment for nearly every landscape still on SAP ECC or Suite on HANA. New Functionality in the S/4HANA 1709 Release SAP S/4HANA 1709 provides brand new functionality in a range of sectors and industries, including manufacturing, finance, shipping, commodi... (more)

SAP Unleashes Next Wave of Business Process Innovation With RFID

HANOVER, Germany, March 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SAP AG today unveiled the next wave of business innovation with radio frequency identification (RFID) and other auto-identification technologies, enabling companies across many industries to apply the technology in unprecedented ways to solve pressing business challenges. With expected availability for first customers in Q2 2007, product tracking and authentication (PTA) marks the first in this new generation of business processes that tap into the wealth of information on sensor-tagged objects-information that will be managed in the newly developed SAP object event repository. Among the first of many industries that stand to benefit is the pharmaceutical sector, where PTA processes will help secure distribution and combat drug counterfeiting and diversion, a problem estimated to cause $75 billion in lost revenue ... (more)

SAP Launches SAP(R) EcoHub, a Community-Powered Solution Marketplace

BERLIN, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- In a continuing sign of the momentum of its market-leading customer-focused ecosystem, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced the launch of SAP(R) EcoHub, an online marketplace that makes it easier for customers to discover, evaluate and buy partner solutions to complement their SAP installations. Further enhancing the value of the SAP ecosystem for customers and partners, SAP EcoHub provides enhanced transparency into the portfolio of solutions that further extend existing SAP investments and engages the community by including user feedback and ratings and demos. The announcement was made at SAP(R) TechEd 2008, being held in Berlin, Germany, Oct. 14-16. (Logo: SAP EcoHub is live today at, featuring certified partner offerings, including SAP soluti... (more)